Senior lecturer in Mathematics Linkoping (Швеция)

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Senior lecturer in Mathematics Linkoping (Швеция)
For the first time in quite a few years the Maths Department at Linköping University is able to advertise a position of Lecturer in Mathematics (or equivalently an Assistant Professorship)*. I'm sending this to as many relevant people as I can think of (both potential applicants and those who may know potential applicants), but please feel free to forward the information as you see fit. Anyone who is particularly interested in applying is welcome to contact me for informal information about the position and department.

More information about the position and how to apply is available on the website below.

The position is open to researchers in a wide range of fields connected to the interests of researchers at the department, namely Analysis, Algebra, Geometry, Discrete Mathematics
and Mathematics Education (split somewhat arbitrarily over two "divisions" which in practice work closely together). The deadline for applying is 27th September 2021.

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