Аспирантская вакансия: байесовский анализ в геномике

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26.03.2006 17:05
Аспирантская вакансия: байесовский анализ в геномике
Update: Position filled

PhD Student Position in Statistics: "Bayesian Methods for Integrated Genomics" (Switzerland)

Job description. The goal of the PhD project is to develop an integrative Bayesian approach to microarray data analysis, prove its consistency, implement and apply it to the data sets of IOSI, and compare it to other methods. A currently hot topic in Bioinformatics is the reverse engineering of gene regulatory networks. Strong candidates will have the chance to work on this in later stages of their PhD.

Your background. The candidate should
* have excellent mathematical skills, preferable in the area of statistics,
* have good programming skills in C or C++ or Matlab or Mathematica or similar,
* have a Masters (or equivalent) in mathematics or statistics or physics or related area,
* be able of highly independent and creative research.

The initial appointment will be for 2 years, starting in summer 2006 (or later) with possibility of prolongation. No teaching is required, etc. - just research for PhD degree.
We would like to fill the position as soon as possible.

Объявление полностью: http://www.idsia.ch/~marcus/idsia/jobs.htm.

09.05.2006 19:10
есть только один вопрос:
сколько стоит квартира в Москве в годах этого постдока??!

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