Аспирантура в Великобритании

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Аспирантура в Великобритании
University College London, один из ведущих университетов Великобритании, проводит набор студентов в аспирантуру.

PH.D. PROPOSAL: Audio forensics

SUPERVISORS: Gwenaël Doërr, Ingemar Cox (UCL), and M. Pawlewski (British Telecom)

LOCATION: University College London Adastral Park (Martlesham, UK)

DURATION: September 2007 – August 2010 (3 years)

CANDIDATE PROFILE: M.Sc. level with knowledge of at least two of the following areas: signal processing, speech processing, machine learning.

Sensitive services require multiple forms of authentication to grant access to users and speaker recognition is one of them. It is now routinely used in several phone-based applications to determine if a voice signal belongs to a privileged user who can have access to a restricted service. Nevertheless, such authentication strategy does not offer any protection against replay attacks. For instance, an adversary can impersonate a legitimate user by recording and playing whatever pass phrase spoken by this user.

To combat such security pitfalls, this project will investigate what information can be extracted from a voice signal with respect to the list of signal processing primitives that it went through. Are we able to identify that the signal has been filtered, quantized, compressed, etc? In other words, the objective is to perform some sort of “tell-tale forensics” to trace back the history of a speech signal. Such information may indeed prove to be most valuable to assess whether the authentication system deals with live speech or replayed recording.

ELIGIBILITY: The Ph.D. position is fully funded i.e. tuition fees (15k£ per year) and stipend (1 k£ per month). Nevertheless, due to the nature of the funding (DHPA award), applicants have to be citizens of a developing country. Eligible countries are those listed in part I of the OECD table plus Russia and Hong Kong. This table can be downloaded from the following link:


APPLICATION PROCESS: Send an email to Dr. Doërr at g.doerr@adastral.ucl.ac.uk with subject “DHPA – Ph.D. Application”. You should also attach a CV and a summary of your achievements, e.g. past projects, in the fields of interest for this project. All documents should be sent in PDF format.


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