Стипендия для постдока в University of Madeira

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14.09.2007 23:57
Стипендия для постдока в University of Madeira
Department of Physics of the University of Madeira (Funchal, Portugal; http://fisica.uma.pt/ ) invites applications for a postdoc fellowship in Theoretical Physics. The project is dedicated to theory and modeling of self-organization in gas discharges, a highly exciting and challenging multidisciplinary field. The PhD to be hired, whether he/she is Portuguese or foreign national, should have at least 3 years of relevant post-doctoral experience and scientific production. In exceptional cases, duly justified, the funding body may consider accepting applicants with less than 3 years of post-doctoral experience. The general conditions are described at http://www.fct.mctes.pt/ciencia2007/indexEN.asp . The fellowship amounts to 1500 Euros per month and is not subject to taxes. Duration of the contract will be up to 5 years. Deadline for applications: November 15, 2007. Please send you CV to larissa@uma.pt

17.09.2007 02:31
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