Позиция постдока в Университете Бергена, Норвегия, прикладная математика, 4 года

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Позиция постдока в Университете Бергена, Норвегия, прикладная математика, 4 года
To apply for this position follow the link:

Postdoctoral position at the Department of Mathematics

At the Department of Mathematics there is a vacant position as postdoctoral fellow within the project "Modelling transport in porous media over multiple scales" for 4 years. 
A postdoctoral position is a temporary appointment.  The term of employment for this position is 4 years, of witch period 25 pct will be designated to teaching or similar. It is not possible for any person to work under more than one temporary appointment for the same institution.
The objective of postdoctoral positions is to qualify the selected candidates for work in senior positions in their disciplines.
The project this position is a component of is funded by the Norwegian Research Council under the Outstanding Young Investigator programme. The successful candidate will join a research team which aims at integrating the fields of upscaling, multi-scale methods and numerical linear algebra within the context of multi-phase flow in porous media. The project will address both theoretical and practical issues, and the candidate will be expected to familiarize him/herself with a broad spectrum of knowledge to form an active part of the research team.
We are soliciting applications from candidates with a background in applied mathematics. Special qualifications which should be emphasized in the application are familiarity with numerical methods for partial differential equations, multi-grid pre-conditioners, multi-phase flow in porous media and programming.
Applicants must have achieved a Norwegian doctorate or equivalent education abroad, or have presented the dissertation for assessment by the closing date for application. It is a prerequisite that the dissertation has been approved before appointment is granted.
For further information about the positions please contact associate professor Jan Martin Nordbotten, e-mail jan.nordbotten@math.uib.no
The teaching language is usually Norwegian.
Salary will be paid in accordance with level 54 (code 1352) on the government salary scale (corresponding to NOK 394,700 per year).  For particularly qualified applicants a higher salary may be negotiated. 
Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. If several applicants are equally qualified for the scolarship, the rules in the Personnel Regulations for gender quotas for scientific positions will be applied.
State employment shall reflect the multiplicity of the population at large to the highest possible degree.  We have therefore adopted a personnel policy objective to ensure that we achieve a balanced age and sex composition and the recruitment of persons of various ethnic backgrounds.  Persons of different ethnic backgrounds are therefore encouraged to apply for the position.
The successful applicant must comply with the guidelines that apply to the position at any time.
The University of Bergen applies the principles of public openness when recruiting staff to scientific positions.
Application and CV are to be sent via the link «Apply for this position» at the link given above.

Copies of diplomas and references, scientific work and a list of these (3 copies of all documents) and names and email addresses of two referees shall be sent to the Department of Mathematics, University of Bergen, PO Box 7800, NO-5020 Bergen, NORWAY.
Closing date for application:  30 October, 2007.

Quote reference number: 07/12981 
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