PhD стипендия на факультете информатики, Hasselt, Belgium

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06.06.2008 16:05
PhD стипендия на факультете информатики, Hasselt, Belgium
У нас в проекте открыли две позиции PhD студентов.

1. PhD Scholarship human-computer interaction
The PhD research will be performed in the research group human-computer interaction (HCI) of EDM. Relevant research domains covered in HCI research at EDM are:
- technologies and tools for the realisation of user interfaces for ubiquitous computing;
- model-based development of interactive applications;
- context-aware, distributed and migratable user interfaces.

2. PhD Scholarship in computer science
The intended research is situated in the domains of networked virtual environments (NVE) and human-computer interaction (HCI). More specifically, synchronization in scalable networked virtual environments is studied, supporting simulation-based interaction. The investigated synchronization techniques enhance consistency of the status of the virtual environment as presented to all users. Heterogeneous environments (different platforms, I/O devices etc.) are taken into account. Besides synchronization techniques, interaction techniques and the flexibility in their realization play an important role in the envisioned research. Usable multimodal interaction metaphors are designed for individuals as well as groups of users.

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