PhD positions in the Institute of Computational Science in Switzerland

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PhD positions in the Institute of Computational Science in Switzerland
2 PhD positions in multiscale modeling of cancer tumor induced microcirculation

Two Ph.D. student openings are available in the Institute of Computational Science, Faculty of Informatics at the University of Lugano (Switzerland) with a start date in March or September 2012. The students will be enrolled in the graduate program in the Faculty of Informatics, and will work with Prof. Igor Pivkin on multiscale modeling of tumor induced microcirculation. The work will be done in collaboration with Prof. Petros Koumoutsakos group at ETHZ.

Description: The flow of blood and the transport of solutes in healthy and tumor induced microvascular networks will be investigated by developing novel multiscale particle methods.

The microcirculation in vascular networks is an inherently multiscale phenomenon. The endothelial cell glycocalyx and plasma proteins are nano/micro scale structures that affect the micro/macro scale transport of fluid and solutes near and through the vessel walls. In turn the flow modification affects through shear stresses the signaling and proliferation of the endothelial cells as well as the dynamics of the Red Blood Cells (RBC) in small capillaries.

The multiscale modeling of microcirculation presents a number of methodological challenges that are addressed in this project through the use of particle methods. Particle methods provide a unifying formulation for the description of phenomena across different scales and recent progress in molecular models, fast algorithms, and scalable software have enabled simulations using billions of computational elements that can readily describe phenomena across scales.

Specific aims of the present project include:

* Development of a coarse-grained model of the glycocalyx, bridging atomistic and mesoscopic phenomena affecting the flow in microcirculation

* Large scales blood flow simulations in order to obtain functional relationships that quantify the transport of blood and solutes across the vessel wall in tumor induced microcirculation

* Quantification of leakage in tumor vasculature and its relation to effective drug delivery.

The present study will enhance our understanding of the relative importance of phenomena associated with transport processes in the microvasculature. The results will help to quantify transport phenomena in healthy and tumor induced vasculature thus contributing to the development of rational strategies for cancer therapy.

Prerequisites: Candidates should have a background in particle based methods, strong programming skills, some knowledge of biology, an M.Sc. degree in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science or a relevant engineering discipline. The project will require an efficient use of high performance computing resources including Europe's largest supercomputers. Knowledge of Linux and high performance computing environments is preferable, but not mandatory.

Duration of appointment: 3 years (+an eventual fourth year).

Fellowship: CHF 40,000 (~ 46,000 USD) per year.

Inquiries should be directed to Prof. Igor Pivkin (

For admission procedures, requirements and a description of the Faculty of Informatics program, please consult the URL:

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PhD positions in Switzerland
The Professorship of Computational Science (Koumoutsakos Lab) at ETHZ has 3 new openings for PhD students financed by SNF and Systems X.

* in Vitro and in-Silico Tumor Induced Vascular Development
* Multiscale Modeling of Tumor Microcirculation
* Formation and Hydordynamics of Fish Schools

All PhD positions have a starting date January 2012.

The candidate should have a with a background in the broad areas of Computer Science, AppliedMathematics, Engineering and Physics.

Application : Please e-mail to: including

Curriculum Vitae (including contact information of two references)
Grades of University Classes
A one page statement of research interests
GRE and TOEFL Scores (if available)

For more information on these projects please visit the web site:

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