Funded PhD position in systems biology at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona

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Funded PhD position in systems biology at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona
A new research group in the Department of Experimental and Health Sciences is seeking a fulltime PhD student who is interested in developing mathematical and computational models in order to understand mechanisms of biological regulation.

Our research uses systems biology in order to answer fundamental questions in gene regulation and other cellular processes. We combine high-throughput single-cell measurements with mathematical models in order to learn the precise molecular mechanisms that underlie specific cellular processes. This is a young and dynamic lab in a new and exciting field.

Position responsibilities and requirements:

• The student will have primary responsibility for developing and mathematical models and in fitting these models to data.

• Knowledge of biology is not required, but affinity for the subject is preferred.

• A master’s degree in physics, math, computer science, statistics, quantitative economics or a similar field is required.

• Programming experience is required, experience with Matlab and Mathematica is preferred.

• The ability to solve continuous and discrete time Markov processes is preferred.

• Experience with stochastic differential equations is preferred.

• Knowledge of machine learning and Bayesian statistics is preferred.

• Knowledge of statistical modeling (ANOVA, generalized linear mixed modeling) is preferred.

• A scientific publication or experience working in a research environment is preferred.

• Fluent English is required, Spanish is not required.

please contact

Lucas Carey

for a sample publication showing the type of work done in the lab, see here:

and for a summary of this paper, here:
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