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PhD positions in Computational Biomedicine
The Department of Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering at National Taiwan
University invites applications for highly qualified students to undertake
full-time research leading to a PhD degree/Master degree. Several Master and
PhD students’ scholarships are available. The scholarships are funded by
National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan. For Master students it is
preferred to continue ph.d study after master program.

The incoming students would have the opportunity to work in the areas of:
-Multiphysics modeling
-Nonlinear wave propagation
-Numerical modeling of two-phase flows, cavitation
-focused ultrasound treatment of cancers
-GPU or MPI-CPU simulations

The students will be co-supervised by Dr. Maxim Solovchuk (http://www.nhri.org.tw/NHRI_WEB/nhriw001Action.do?status=Show_Dtl&nid=20150303199961750000&uid=20150303199961750000) at National Health
Research Institutes/ Division of Biomedical Engineering and Nanomedicine and
Professor Tony W. H. Sheu at National Taiwan University
( http://homepage.ntu.edu.tw/~twhsheu/member/member_tony.htm ).

Applicants should have a strong background and interest in applied mathematics,
physics, fluid mechanics and numerical techniques. Good English skill in
reading, writing and communication is essential.
Interested candidates can email their CV and a brief description of their
research interests to Dr. Maxim Solovchuk: solovchuk@gmail.com.
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