Springer на 2 месяца открывает свободный доступ к математическим журналам серии Russian Library of Science

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Springer на 2 месяца открывает свободный доступ к математическим журналам серии Russian Library of Science
Издательство Springer на 60 дней открывает свободный доступ к математическим журналам серии Russian Library of Science:

Algebra and Logic
This journal publishes the latest research results in the areas of modern general algebra, and of logic considered from an algebraic viewpoint.

Automatic Documentation and Mathematical Linguistics
This journal covers all aspects of the automation of information processes and systems, and algorithms and methods for automatic language analysis.

Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics
Presents surveys and original papers on computational mathematics, computational methods of mathematical physics, informatics, and more.

Computational Mathematics and Modeling
Presents research in numerical analysis, control theory, and the interplay of modeling and computational mathematics.

Differential Equations
A translation of Differentsial'nye Uravneniya, this journal is exclusively devoted to differential equations and the associated integral equations.

Doklady Mathematics
This journal publishes scientific reports on previously unpublished, significant new research in mathematics and its applications.

Functional Analysis and Its Applications
This journal covers the most important applications of functional analysis in mathematics, mechanics, and theoretical physics

Journal of Applied and Industrial Mathematics
Publishing original articles in applied mathematics, this journal offers researchers a way to share new developments in their areas of specialization.

Journal of Contemporary Mathematical Analysis
This frontier journal covers a host of topics including: calculus, complex variable functions, functions of real variables, general analysis and more

Journal of Mathematical Sciences
Articles cover a variety of topics, including analyses, probability, statistics, cybernetics, algebra, geometry, mathematical physics and more.

Lithuanian Mathematical Journal
Publishing first-rate, original papers mainly in pure mathematics, this journal provides readers with a peer-reviewed forum for the exchange of ideas

Mathematical Methods of Statistics
This journal provides an outlet for research in advanced statistical methodology and for studies where such methodology is used.

Mathematical Notes
The largest monthly mathematical journal from RAS, this features English translations of papers simultaneously published with their Russian versions.

Moscow University Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics
This journal publishes papers of high scientific value in all areas of computational mathematics and cybernetics

Moscow University Mathematics Bulletin
This journal publishes original articles and brief communications in various areas of theoretical and applied mathematics.

Nonlinear Oscillations
Presents research in the qualitative theory of differential/functional differential equations with an emphasis on oscillatory behavior of solutions.

Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics
This is a cover-to-cover translation of the Trudy Matematicheskogo Instituta imeni V.A. Steklova of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Russian Journal of Mathematical Physics
This journal presents mainly original papers with full proof, but also publishes brief communications and state-of-the-art reviews

Russian Mathematics
This journal covers research, in pure and applied mathematics, by scientists of Russian universities, institutions of higher education, and the RAS.

Siberian Advances in Mathematics
This journal publishes high-level articles and supplies the English-reading audience with recent information on Siberian achievements in mathematics.

Siberian Mathematical Journal
This journal provides the English-speaking community with the results of mathematical work being performed in Akademgorod (Science City) in Siberia.

Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
Articles report on current developments in theoretical physics as well as related mathematical problems.

Ukrainian Mathematical Journal
The journal publishes articles and communications in pure and applied mathematics and contains sections devoted to criticism, bibliography, and more

Vestnik St. Petersburg University: Mathematics
This journal is the prime outlet for the findings of scientists from the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of St. Petersburg State University.

Numerical Analysis and Applications
The aim of this journal is to provide the results of Research in numerical analysis applications to various fields of science and engineering.

Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics
The journal publishes high quality research papers and reviews in every area of mathematics which are addressed to a broad readership.

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