Заседание Математического семинара Глобус 15 апреля 2010 года

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Заседание Математического семинара Глобус 15 апреля 2010 года
В четверг, 15 апреля 2010 года, в 15:40 в конференц-зале НМУ, Б. Власьевский 11, состоится доклад «Could N=8 supergravity provide a consistent theory of quantum gravity?». Докладчик – Pierre Vanhove (IHES and U.Paris-7, France).

The search for a valid construction of quantum gravity has been on for most of the previous century initiated by Einstein?s formulation of General Relativity in 1916 and the quantum mechanics revolution in the 1920ties. Physicists today are still hunting the answers to the ultimate questions, e.g. how was the universe formed and how does one comprehend the fabric of space and time?

In recent years, by a combination of different inputs from string theory, supersymmetry, unitarity and due to remarkable progress in computational capacity, a huge number of amplitudes have been computed in N=8 supergravity. Surprisingly the ultraviolet behavior of N = 8 supergravity is much better behaved than naively expected and it has revived the possibility that this theory could provide a perturbatively ultraviolet finite theory of quantum gravity. But any consistent theory of quantum gravity must describe the production of black holes at high energies which requires the inclusion of string theory state, which are needed to get a complete consistent theory of quantum gravity.

In this talk we will present the recent conceptual progress in the analysis of perturbative supergravity and the role of the dualities in string theory. We will discuss in particular the relation between string theory and N=8 supergravity and the importance of the non-perturbative state in the definition of a consistent quantum theory of gravity. Based on work done with Niels Emil Bjerrum-Bohr, Michael B Green, Jorge Russo.

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