Математик-алгоритмист (Vehicle Routing Problem) – удаленная работа

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Математик-алгоритмист (Vehicle Routing Problem) – удаленная работа

VanOnGo is an early-stage startup with the aim to revolutionize the logistic industry for last-mile delivery as a service. Kind of Uber for Vans with a focus on end-to-end Customer experience and convenient and clear navigation guidance for drivers.

We are working on several concepts’ development right now with targeted markets in Europe and the US.

We are looking for an Engineer for VRP (Vehicle Routing Problem) with a strong technical background and team working spirit.

For the successful candidate we offer the opportunity to enhance and develop your career with the following benefits:

• Join a highly competent and motivated international team

• Apply your talent into figuring the shape of future mobility

• Startup attitude and mood – making impossible possible

• Make an impact on the overall strategy and success of Company

Key responsibilities:

• Development of algorithms and software.

• Maintenance and upgrade of existing software written in various languages (JS, C++, Python, etc.)

• Contribute to the planning and architecture of new software projects

• Investigate alternative algorithms and approaches to enable additional software features and improve computational performance

• Develop robust automated testing and deployment procedures

• Verify, validate, and compare new algorithms

• Technically lead the team to design a flexible framework to address changing requirements for automatic dispatching system

• Work with the team to test the software as part of an automatic jobs dispatching system

• Visualize results and generate test plans for further system improvements

• Document software (source code, user’s guide, etc.)

• Work with version control (Git) and project management (JIRA) tools

• Contribute to the writing of publication-quality technical documents

• Work independently and in collaborations within a distributed group of technically inclined people

• Quickly learn and apply math and software skills as needed to accomplish project goals

• Participate in the generation of new research and product ideas for the overall company, including further applications of the automatic jobs dispatching system

Position Qualifications and Skills

• Experience in applied mathematics, engineering, physics or related science

• Strong background in scientific computing, particularly in areas such as mathematical optimization, transportation theory, TSP, VRP, routing)

• Strong background in CS (algorithms, graph algorithms)

• Proficiency in at least one general-purpose language (JS, Python, Scala etc..) and at least one compiled language (C, C++, etc.)

• Experience as a full-stack software developer for scientific applications

• Experience in probabilistic software evaluation software evaluation

• Hands-on experience with collaborative software development (Git, JIRA, etc.)

• Experience with data plotting, visualization tools, and GUI development

• Proficiency in Linux environments

Contact: maryna.chepurna@vanongo.com

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