Grant program of McKinsey & Company Business technology office

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Grant program of McKinsey & Company Business technology office
Technology is changing the cultural and business landscape beyond recognition. McKinsey Business Technology helps clients harness the transformative power of technology to create business value for today, and step-function growth for tomorrow. We have expertise in strategy, operations, and organization as well as technology. It is this combination of a strategic business expertise combined with technological knowledge that makes us uniquely qualified to address technology issues with a CEO perspective.

We are truly excited to tackle technology problems from a strategic level and see the resulting impact on business. And you?

We are looking for You, having understanding of, and interest in, current technology trends and technologies, their impact on business strategy, competence in a technical discipline such as e-business-building, technology-enabled operations, post-merger integration, customer value management or IT architecture.

We are looking for You, students of informatics and systems, cybernetics, engineering and other technical as well as natural sciences disciplines, You, having outstanding analytical abilities and perfect command of math to deal with complex business solutions.

It is for You we established a Grant Program.


To apply for the program submit your resume, motivation letter, both in English, and transcripts to referencing BTO Grant Program by March 15, 2008.

An absolute requirement is that the grant contenders should be proficient in English and be senior students in their 5th course of studies or higher. Postgraduate students are also welcome.

Your motivation letter should tell us:
1) what interests you in Business Technology;
2) what will You bring to McKinsey’s Business Technology office.

Selected applicants will then be invited for the final round consisting of a written problem-solving test and an essay on a topic withheld until the writing. The final round will take part in April 2008.

We will award top 7 students with a 50,000 RUR gross each.

We want you to be among them

To learn more about McKinsey BTO, please go to page.

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