Вакансия Quantitative Researcher

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Вакансия Quantitative Researcher
International investment management company is looking for candidates with background in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, or Engineering, for the position of Quantitative Researcher, which involves building quantitative models aimed at predicting price movements of various asset classes worldwide.

We offer outstanding career opportunities, which include:
• Applying quantitative skills to the cutting edge of finance
• Opportunity to learn from investment experts
• Competitive financial rewards, relative to performance and position
• Friendly and collegial working environment
Job Responsibilities (include, but not limited to the following):
• Building algorithmic computer-driven strategies
• Working with the academic quantitative finance literature
• Exploring new datasets

Job Qualifications:
• PhD or Specialist degree from one of Russia’s top institutions in an analytical field such as Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, or Engineering, or another related field that is highly analytical and quantitative
• PhD degree is a strong plus (the interview process can be started if PhD is pending within 3-4 months)
• Strong record of academic achievement, which could be in the form of:
o scientific publications
o conference presentations
o patents
o grants or awards

• High GPA (over 4.8)
• Medals at Mathematics, Physics, or Informatics Competitions is a plus
• Critical thinking and ability to come up with non-standard approaches
• Interest in applying mathematical models in the field of quantitative finance
• Good programming skills
• Good knowledge of English
• Knowledge of Finance is not required

Position based in one of our research offices: Moscow and St. Petersburg.
If you are interested please send me your CV via e-mail


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