Matlab programmer (data exploration, statistics) до 200.000 Net удаленка для М и МО

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Matlab programmer (data exploration, statistics) до 200.000 Net удаленка для М и МО
Распределенная команда разработчиков с большим и стабильным финансированием приглашает в штат на постоянную работу (возможна удаленка для М и МО) программистов Matlab.

Your Experience/Skills

Experience in working with datasets (medium sized, order of several GB), experience in programming, MATLAB (Ideally, we would like to hire people who write on MATLAB in science, not industry!)
Experience with distributed version control (git)
Reasonable spoken & written English (some team members do not speak Russian)
Understanding of mathematics, statistics, and time series


* the interface to strategy platform is in MATLAB (so experience in MATLAB required),
* the interface to trading platform is in Python 3 (so Python skills would be advantageous),
* we are open to expanding to other technologies down the line, but need results delivered in MATLAB first


* datasets are of medium size (GigaBytes, hundred thousands datapoints)
* thus, insufficient data for many popular machine learning methods (no neural nets…)
* goal: classification (supervised learning)
* preference for old-fashioned linear methods, or
* very judicious application of some (low dimensional) more modern methods (such as Support Vector Machines, Decision Forest, etc.)
* candidate must be aware of overfitting/sampling bias issues

We are ready to hire a few specialists from junior to senior level

Senior task
* mostly data exploration, significant statistics, maybe elements of machine learning, nearly research level
* analyse data for patterns and irregularities
* formulate trading strategies and backtest them (familiarity with exploration/test/validation advantageous)

Junior task
* mostly data processing, lots of programming, some mathematics
* data cleaning, manipulation, transformation
* backtesting infrastructure (take historical price data, take strategy, write code to simulate what strategy would have yielded on given data)

Работа в распределенной команде (потому нужен английский язык) профессионалов высокого уровня (разработчики не ниже уровня Senior, PhD Stanford и т.д.) с большим и устойчивым финансированием (никаких задержек по з/п)
Офис в центре рядом с метро, возможна удаленная работа после испытательного срока. График работы и размер з/п реально обсуждается в каждом конкретном случае (исходим от пожеланий кандидата).

Svetlana Skorikova
Talent Acquisition Professional
8 (985) 6447813 (via phone call, whatsapp)
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