Titans consent to terms with first-round pick Peter Skoronski

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Titans consent to terms with first-round pick Peter Skoronski
Peter Skoronski and the Tennessee Titans have actually accepted terms on a contract. It is the typical four-year take care of a fifth-year alternative for a first round pick. Skoronski seems to working at guard in the onset of OTAs. That is probably where he ends up, but they will certainly have a look in any way of the feasible combinations prior to they take the field in week one against the New Orleans Saints. This leaves Will Levis as the only choice that has not agreed to his newbie bargain. It constantly takes a bit even more time with quarterbacks. The Titans will wind up with about $8 million in cap https://www.titansprostore.com area after Levis is authorized. That doesn't provide a lots of room, yet it needs to be adequate to structure a proposition to provide to DeAndre Hopkins. There are still a few other actions they can make to clear even more space.
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